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belgium visa service


Address: Chaussée de Vleurgat 217 - 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: 0032 2 645.18.50
0032 2 640.91.40
Fax: 0032 2 648.96.38

VFS center address (submission of visa request):
Avenue Louise 350 - 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: 0032 2 627.08.12

Important note:
* Any correction in handwritting or with a corrector to the application form is forbidden. Any mistake must be corrected online or filled out the form again.
* For visit to the cities of LEH and Laddak, all traveler must give their Travel Plan (programm) so the Consulate can put the endorsement on the visa.
* A visa multiple entry 6 months does no longer exist. The multiple entry visa 12 months will be processed by default.

Basic documents for a visa application:

* International passport valid min. 6 months after return, with at least two blank pages face to face
(Original + copy of the 3 first pages)
* Copy of old Indian visas sticked on the current and valid passport
* Person without Belgian nationality (must be resident in Belgium for at least 2 years) : copy of the residence card
* For Belgian citizens: copy of the Belgian identity card (back&front)
* 1 visa application form dully completed online via the website print it and sign it.
(To those who will visit Andaman Islands/Sikkim write it on the top of the visa application form). Print and sign two times : first page under your picture, second at the end of the second page!!!
* Declaration form to be completed and signed (to be found to the website
* Declaration form "bis" to be completed (see document in PDF)
* 2 recent and identical color pictures, with a white background, with the size 5cm/5cm
* Proof of residency in Belgium of at least 2 years (attestation of residency, copy of an old invoice of electricity or phone...)
* Authorization letter to be completed and signed (see documents on PDF down the page)

Additional documents for a Tourist visa :

* For a double entry : provide a flight reservation that proves that you will enter two times in India
* Unemployed traveler: proof of financial means given by the bank
* Students: authorization letter of both of the parents and copy of their ID cards.

Additional documents for a Business visa:

* Additional business form (see
* Guarantee letter from the Belgian company addressed to the Consulate of India in Brussels
Note: the letter must specify "multiple 12 months"
* Invitation letter from India addressed to the attention of the Consulate of India in Brussels
Note: the letter must specify "multiple 12 months"
* If journalist: (even when you travel for tourism) you need to take an approval from the Embassy (the documents will be sent to the Indian visa application center for approval from Embassy)

7 working days
Express: NO


Tourist visa fee :
1 month to 6 months
General countries:--------------78€
UK :---------------------------------330€

Business visa fee :
up to 1 year

Belgian and Luxembourg:-----169€ France:--------------------222€
USA:-----------------------------------192€ Australia:-----------------280€
Ireland:-------------------------------263€ Nex Zeeland:------------181€
Ecuador:-----------------------------310€ Ukraine:-------------------263€
Czech:--------------------------------251€ Iran:------------------------351€
Nigeria:------------------------------368€ Philippines:--------------286€
Poland:------------------------------198€ Saudi Arabia:------------280€
Thailand:----------------------------263€ U.A.E.:---------------------515€

Belgium Visa Service fee:

General Price List starting 01/01/2014 (does not include visa fee):
* Normal (72hrs to be treated by BVS before submitting the request to the Consulate): 40€ per person + 21% VAT
* High - Urgent (48hrs to be treated by BVS before submitting the request to the Consulate) 60€ per person + 21% VAT
* Express - Urgent: 90€ per person + 21% VAT

* Special fees - Students - Group
- Individual Student (with proof): 25€ per person + 21% VAT
- From 6 to 10 pers.: 35€ per person + 21% VAT
- Starting from 11 pers.: 20€ per person + 21% VAT

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